The start of the “LTTA2 – training event to highlight resources and supports for female food entrepreneurs”

Today we started LTTA 2, a free 5-day event for you to network, develop skills and help evaluate resources and supports created to meet your needs as a Female Food Entrepreneur(FFE).

The purpose of this Online Resource Tool(O2) is to provide you the FFE with resources and supports specific to your needs in the Agri-Food sector. It has been designed to provide you with opportunities to learn, seek guidance, collaborate, upskill, network, and overcome any barriers you may encounter in the Agri-Food sector. The Resource Tool(O2) will also provide Vocational Educators with materials that they can use to supplement their training for FFEs; with innovative teaching methods and training resources that are specifically tailored and evaluated by you the female entrepreneur in the Agri-Food sector.

This event is part of the “Educate to Innovative” project which aims to develop, support and sustain the growth of Female Food Entrepreneurs (FFEs) in Europe. The project is funded by the EU and led by Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland in partnership with the Baltic Education Technology Institute (BETI) Lithuania, Confederazione Italiana Agricol (CIA) in Tuscany Italy, Comunitatea Pentru Invatarea Permanenta (CPIP) Romania and The Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre, in Poland. More information can be found here: