The aim of Beti


To implement and support teaching and learning based on information telecommunication technologies (hereinafter - ITT) for sustainable education, scientific, social and economic development policy in Lithuania through scientific, methodological and practical activities

To seek to create conditions for democratic, accessible and independent education for all citizens of society by implementing the paradigm of lifelong learning, developing distance learning initiatives, creating an educational, methodological, consulting and information support system

To strive for the development, distribution and widest possible application of modern information telecommunication systems and other modern technologies in the fields of activity of the Institute

To promote information technology-based project and process management in collaboration with organizations and individuals to ensure the efficiency of their operations and the quality of services provided



scientific research using ITT, in social and economic development areas


Lithuania's opportunities to integrate into global educational, economic and other structures of the world


the country's educational, social and economic processes, identify development trends and inform the public and public administration structures about it

Research and develop

ICT-based learning methods and tools for the efficiency and quality of teaching and learning processes

Create and develop

the system of educational services, to provide methodological, consulting and information assistance to national and international institutions that implement and apply ITT in their activities

Develop and provide

educational services for various market segments, to develop the competence of society (children, youth and adults) and opportunities for continuous learning using modern educational technologies

Develop and implement

information systems to increase the efficiency of business processes


information and knowledge about new information technologies, their use and sources of funding


educational activities, provide consultations and services to national and international project developers and implementers

Initiate and participate

in national and international projects


in the activities of related national and international associations


local and international collaboration