The fourth Girls in ICT event has taken place

In April 22 this year the traditional Girls in ICT event was organized by the Baltic Institute of Educational Technologies (BETI) together with the Faculty of Informatics of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU IF) for the fourth year in a row. The event is for high school students and recent school alumni who are thinking about their future careers, not afraid to challenge themselves and employ their talents, who love technology and ignore stereotypes.

This year’s theme is “Build your business smartly”. During the event, six successful Lithuanian businesswomen presented their success stories, discussed the steps of business creation, the challenges they faced, and shared advice with students.

According to the event organizer Danguolė Rutkauskienė, if you work carefully and diligently and understand the direction you want to go, success will definitely visit you. We hope that this event will encourage young girls to boldly enter the business world together with technology and discover their success. See you next year!