Working together was a huge success

This week BETI is hosting the 6th and final transnational partners meeting of the Ε365 EU Project.

Started in 2019, with an always growing team, this project implemented its aim to facilitate the empowerment of adult learners and learners who are the most vulnerable or at risk of exclusion in social and professional life by developing critical thinking, reflexivity and self-assessment skills and other skills needed to develop entrepreneurial competences among low-skilled adults. You can try out the 52 weekly challenges here ?

For almost 3️⃣ years, the team of partners from Latvia??, Spain??, Greece??, Poland??, Slovenia??, and Lithuania?? have been working to reach the these goals. Now we can look back at all the work that we have put in throughout this time. All challenges, creation progress and moments of success, we lived through together as a team???

This is the last meeting, but not the end of the project, we still have summer to finalize the project’s results. During this meeting we are developing the plan for the best possible improvement of the results. Also, generating ideas for the continuity of the project and the possible new collaborations to improve the entrepreneurship field.

Stay with us through this final stage and follow the news!