We would like to present the second guidelines of the project 3D4elderly

We have a great announcement!

3D4elderly –  a project aimed to create innovative learning pathways that increase the quality of the work of caregivers and staff members dealing with people with Alzheimer and elderly people with dementia and also to raise the quality of the life of the patients by using 3D technology, now has released a second guideline for caregivers and staff who work with people with Alzheimer and dementia!

We are extremely happy to announce that the second guideline is now available on the project’s website!

IO1A2 – Identification of 3D printing most suitable technologies to be used in Alzheimer and elderly contest. The leader of this activity is CETEM, as they are experts in the technological sector and also in training people from different fields. This document is composed of a general analysis of which 3D printing technologies may be most suitable for this sector. CETEM, a leader in the technological field, analyses market trends and together with ABA, a leader in the sector of the care for people with Alzheimer decided which 3D printing technology is most suitable for the purpose of the 3D4elderly project. The properties that are taken into account in this analysis are price, security, ease of use, ease of installation, etc… The document contains suggestions on technologies depending on the area of use of 3D printing, for example, suggestions of materials/technology are envisaged depending on the type of exercise that you develop.

Check out the new guideline and keep up with the news!

Check out them here: https://www.3d4elderly.infoproject.eu/#results