Transnational partners meeting for the TIME4IT project

Reporting from Granada!??

On March 8th and 9th, the partnership of the Time4IT project met in Granada, Spain to summarize the ended testing phase of “IO1 – Space for Immersive Telepresence” and to talk about the start of the “IO2 – OSH Training Environments”.

The testing phase of the Time4IT was organized at the end of February. 45 testers from each partnership country (180 people in total): OSH Learners and Educators, young workers, representatives of SME, tested the prepared virtual environments in 15 Industries. During the meeting, partners finalized the testing phase results and prepared the plan of the next steps to finish the IO1.

The next question that was discussed during the meeting, was the IO2 that started this month. The leading partner “EVA-93” presented the work plan and all of the next steps that will be taken to develop the product of the IO2.

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