Trainings about the Empowerment Workshops

On March 29th WOMEN4IT partners and representatives from their countries participated in the Mentors/Trainers Training organized by CRETHIDEV. This webinar focused on introducing the methodology for the Empowerment Workshops and the workshops itself, their objectives and tools.

The aim of the workshops is to complement the training on digital job profiles and empower young beneficiaries to find and secure a job. The workshops will be interactive, allowing participants to ask questions or to add comments, and they will provide informative resources (e.g. presentations, video materials, etc) and tasks to be completed at home.

The 9 workshops, that will be organized during the implementation of the project, are these:

  • Unit 1. Introduction to Program & Employability
  • Unit 2. Personality: Self-Knowledge & Resilience
  • Unit 3. S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting
  • Unit 4. Key skills for the labor market-Lifelong Learning
  • Unit 5. Tech Job profile analysis
  • Unit 6. Job Search Strategy
  • Unit 7. Strong Curriculum Vitae/ Cover Letter/ Linkedin profile
  • Unit 8. Preparing for an interview
  • Unit 9. Transition to world of work

There is going to be a lot of action so stay updated and do not miss your chance to come into the ICT field!