The Think Twice project is officially underway!

We’re thrilled to announce the first online meeting of the Think Twice project, uniting 9 partners across 8 countries (Croatia, Italy, Portugal, France, Ireland, Romania, Greece, Lithuania) in an initiative aimed at enhancing digital literacy and combatting disinformation.

Our mission? To create unparalleled opportunities for competence development in the realm of digital literacy. The Think Twice project is dedicated to supporting and empowering key players within the education system, spanning learners, educators, education providers, and policymakers.

Who do we aim to impact? EVERYONE! From educators in formal learning settings to university students pursuing teaching careers, learners of all ages, and decision-makers shaping educational curricula. We’re committed to fostering the growth and enhancement of digital literacy skills across the board.

How will we achieve this? Through comprehensive strategies focusing on competence development for both learners and educators, capacity building for education providers, and providing valuable insights for policymakers.

Moreover, we’re not just stopping within educational institutions; our outreach extends to entire communities through an engaging social media campaign aimed at spreading awareness and combating misinformation.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey together!