The start of the new round of the WOMEN4IT project

On Valentine’s Day we express our love by encouraging young women to choose a career path in the ICT field. Today, during the partners meeting, we officially started the additional period with new activities of the WOMEN4IT project. We are going to use Innovative Solutions to increase the numbers of EU vulnerable girls and young women into the digital agenda for one more year!

We have already achieved recognizable results by improving the employability situation of the NEET young women involved in our project. 2984 young women have used the profiling tool to access their digital competences, 646 have successfully completed 160-hour training and 330 are already employed, mostly in IT related jobs.

What are we going to achieve in this new period?

  • Create Online Repository of OERs and other learning materials for digital jobs, which will be uploaded to the WOMEN4IT platform –
  • Implement the digital badges system.
  • Invite more young women to assess their digital skills and apply for training opportunities relevant to the W4IT digital jobs profiles.
  • Job Shadowing sessions, where new trainees will shadow old trainees that already have digital jobs, and spend a day with them, to enrich their learning experience and to increase their motivation to access digital jobs.
  • Seminars for the empowerment of beneficiaries. The aim of these seminars is to complement the training on digital jobs profiles and empower young beneficiaries to find and secure a job.
  • Introduce a nationwide mentoring system, where new beneficiaries will be given the opportunity for peer mentoring by current beneficiaries in W4IT project.
  • Test the updated training, mentoring and employability services with 200 young women in 5 countries
  • International knowledge-sharing event and national training workshops.

There is going to be a lot of action so stay updated and do not miss your chance to come into the ICT field!