The launch of the DigiBoost project

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the DigiBoost project, which had its inaugural meeting in Ankara, Turkey! Our mission with DigiBoost is clear: to empower rural communities by fostering digital entrepreneurship skills among its members.

In essence, DigiBoost aims to promote digital entrepreneurship in rural areas by offering comprehensive education, mentorship, and access to resources. Our objectives include not only equipping individuals with the necessary skills but also creating sustainable businesses, generating employment opportunities, and enhancing community cohesion.

What can you expect from DigiBoost? Tangible results, such as the establishment of thriving businesses, increased employability, and significant contributions to local economic development. Through our tailored training programs, online resources, and strategic partnerships, we’re committed to providing the support needed for success.

It’s worth noting that our partners hail from various countries, including Turkey, Spain, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Italy, bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to the table.

Ultimately, our vision for DigiBoost is to see rural communities flourish in the digital age, with individuals empowered to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.