The Launch of RbtcsinEdu: Redefining Math Education with Robotics!

We’re thrilled to unveil our project aimed at revolutionizing mathematics education for primary school students. Say hello to RbtcsinEdu – Anxiety Free Mathematics Education with Robotic Applications in Blended Learning!

Through innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge technology, we’re on a mission to tackle math anxiety and transform the way mathematics is taught in classrooms.

Why Robotics? Robotics isn’t just about gadgets; it’s a cognitive tool empowering students to solve real-world challenges, foster collaboration, and engage in academic debates.

This transnational project brings together organizations from Latvia, Türkiye, Poland, Bulgaria, and Lithuania, pooling unique expertise to address a crucial educational gap.

Our Focus Areas:

1. Creating Robotics-based Modular Curriculum for Blended Learning

2. Smart Video Platform with Robotics Productions

3. Digital Teaching Guide with Visual Design

By integrating robotics into math education, we aim to:

• Make abstract math concepts tangible and engaging

• Boost student confidence and interest in STEM fields

• Equip future educators to tackle math anxiety in primary school students