The first webinar of the WOMEN4IT project took place today!

Together with the Lithuanian girls that are participating in the WOMEN4IT trainings we started the empowerment webinars that are focused on the main stages of employability (from discovery to delivery) as well as the challenges that a young woman may face while job searching in the tech sector.

Today the girls had a webinar about the Introduction to Program & Employability. It helped them to acquire a comprehensive understanding of Employability and what to do to improve it and identify the need to have a better understanding of their personality, the jobs landscape, work trends and career areas that they are best suited to.

This will be a 9 webinars cycle to EMPOWER young beneficiaries to find and secure a job, complementing the training on tech job profiles and enhancing the mentorship community. Employability workshops aim to develop self-confidence, professional competencies and job searching abilities such as CV writing and interview techniques.