Invitation: Technologies for Education Event by BETI – Exploring BLwithRobotics for Enhanced Math Learning

We are thrilled to announce the “Technologies for Education” multiplier event for the project “BLwithRobotics – Blended Learning to Increase Math Success through Robotic Applications.”

Date: October 30th

This one-day event will witness the convergence of over 60 stakeholders and end-users, all sharing a common interest in exploring the intellectual outputs of our groundbreaking project.

The agenda for the day is as follows:

Welcome Speech: Representatives from BETI will inaugurate the event, setting the tone for an engaging day.

Project Presentations: Delve into the details of the BLwithRobotics project and its online platform, showcasing innovative learning scenarios.

Collaborative Sessions: After lunch, participants will collaborate in groups to implement and test the lesson scenarios.

Group Exercises: Engage in hands-on testing of exercises designed to enhance learning experiences.

Discussion and Feedback: Wrap up the day with thought-provoking discussions about the project, created games, and gather valuable feedback.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each participant for their invaluable contribution and enthusiasm in making this event a success.

Your presence at this event is highly appreciated, as we believe your insights and expertise will significantly contribute to the success of this initiative.

You can participate face-to-face or join us online! For more information contact