International conference of the 7th festival “TO TEACH IS TO BUILD” – RESPECTING THE FUTURE!

Our representative had the honor of presenting a thought-provoking article and presentation titled “Augmented reality in education: exploring the dynamics of STEM learning, benefits, and challenges.” This encompassed the insightful findings from our project, “SMART – AR technology adaptation in schools” .

Held on the 10th-11th of November, 2023, this remarkable event was organized by the BC Naklo – Biotechnical Centre Naklo – Secondary School in Slovenia. It brought together speakers and educators from Slovenia, Sweden, Austria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Japan, Ireland, Spain, Poland, and Denmark.

The conference served as a phenomenal platform for exchanging innovative ideas, learning from diverse perspectives, and discussing ways to inspire youth for sustainable mutual relationships through education.

BETI extends heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to such a globally impactful dialogue. We are excited to implement the invaluable insights gained from this conference into our future initiatives, furthering our commitment to pioneering educational excellence!