Insights from a remarkable gathering in Çanakkale, Turkey

This was the third official meeting between the BETI team and our esteemed partners from the SMART – AR technology adaptation in schools project, a milestone that marks significant progress in our collaborative efforts.

Our discussions focused intently on reviewing our accomplishments to date and strategizing for the vital activities lying ahead. Among these, the planning of forthcoming national workshops and an international conference aimed at enriching the educational experiences of our students took center stage.

Additionally, we took a moment to reflect on the successful completion of four specialized courses designed for students in grades 9-12. These courses, pivotal in promoting STEM education, have already begun to make a tangible difference. A highlight of our meeting was the invaluable opportunity to engage with the Turkish students who participated in these courses, offering us direct insight into their learning experiences and feedback.

In addition to our meeting, we had the privilege of visiting the Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ) campus. This included an insightful meeting with the university’s rector, who shared valuable perspectives on the role of higher education in advancing STEM. We explored the campus, including its well-equipped library and various educational facilities, gaining a deeper appreciation for the academic community’s dedication to fostering a rich learning environment.

As we advance towards the most exhilarating phase of our project, we invite all those passionate about STEM to stay engaged with our journey. The horizon promises groundbreaking announcements and initiatives that will further our mission to inspire and educate.