ICT world is open to the girls!

On January 20th, a huge group of girls gathered for a national “Women4IT” event in Kaunas, Lithuania. BETI with the Kaunas region career centre “Karjeras” organized an event “ICT world is open to the girls!” to help girls get to know 4 career options: Junior Web Developer, Data Analyst, Customer Success Specialist and Project Manager.

During the event, together with girls discussed their future plans. The event started with the BETI Deputy Director’s presentation about the organization and the “Women4IT” project, she presented the influence this project made on our and partners’ countries. Then the event continued with an amazing presentation from Sandra Stanulionyte, a graduate of “Junior Web Development” course. She presented her experience and the career path that led her to try out our course and start a new career in the ICT world. Moving on, the girls were presented with job profiles and saw the everyday life of each profile. Inga Želvienė presented the pros and cons of Data Analyst, the main tasks of Junior Web Developer were presented by Gerda Žvirblytė, the tips and tricks for being a successful Customer Success Specialist were given by Ugnė Arlauskaitė and the deeper look inside the Project Management was presented by Greta Volodzkaitė.

The girls were competing in knowledge quizzes, and tested out their skills and knowledge in different profiles tests. Based on the received feedback, we are confident to say that a new generation of girls is coming to the ICT world!