Heartwarming meeting during the windy autumn at Kaunas!

Two amazing days were spent at Kaunas with the 3D4elderly partners from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Lithuania. For two years, the partners were putting their hearts and their souls into the project, and it was time to take a look at everything we have achieved together.

In addition to the 15 exercises that were created during the project, the partners will create two more exercises that will help to improve the work with people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Also, the partners looked through the IO3 – “A web platform to collect exercises created with 3DP to be used with people with Alzheimer’s and dementia”. The platform can be reached through the link – https://3d4elderly.eu/ also it is available on Google Play and Apple Store. Later, the partners, set the last tasks for the “IO5 – Creation of a methodological guideline (therapy guide) to assist in the improvement of memory in Alzheimer’s patients and those with early-onset dementia accessible to all Alzheimer centers”.

The partnership presented results from the testing phase with amazing pictures and some videos from Bulgarian partners and presented their plans for the multiplier events that will take place in all partnership countries this month.

Lastly, the partners discussed promotion, dissemination and sustainability plans as well as quality assurance and risk management plans. The project is coming to an end this month but the work is not stopping, so stay updated!

It was a pleasure to be the coordinators of this project and we are very pleased to have had this amazing team on the board with us. We strongly believe that this is not the end of this amazing collaboration!