Exciting News from Seville, Spain!

We are thrilled to share the highlights from the First Partners Meeting of the “Digit2Me” project, held in the vibrant city of Seville.

This gathering marked the beginning of a transformative journey, setting the stage for the next three years of dedicated efforts toward creating positive change.

Digit2Me Project Objectives:

•Develop a comprehensive curriculum and pedagogical tools for digital mentoring tailored to vulnerable young people in rural areas.

•Foster social inclusion and empower youth to transition to independent living as active members of their rural communities, with a special focus on young people with disabilities (YPD).

•Tackle challenges faced by YPD in rural areas, such as limited access to education and employment opportunities.

Key Components of Digit2Me Project:

•Curriculum Development: Crafting a digital mentoring curriculum with specialized training programs for youth professionals, trainers, and young mentors, as well as mentees. Additionally, soft skills training for independent living, including aspects related to social entrepreneurship.

•Digital Pedagogical Tools: Creation of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and various digital tools to complement the curriculum.

•Training Initiatives: Virtual seminars and face-to-face trainings focusing on practical aspects of digital mentoring for future mentors.

•Pilot Implementation: Implementing digital mentoring with vulnerable young people in rural areas, with subsequent policy recommendations.

Anticipated Results:

•Completion of the digital mentoring curriculum with specific programs for mentors, mentees, and soft skills for independent living.

•Launch of a MOOC covering the created curriculum.

•Hosting a transnational train-to-trainers workshop on digital mentoring.

•Conducting virtual seminars and face-to-face trainings in each participating country, addressing practical aspects of digital mentoring.

•Compilation and publication of a pilot implementation report detailing digital mentoring sessions with YPD in rural areas.

•Formulation of policy recommendations regarding the applicability of the curriculum at a broader scale.

The Digit2Me project is a collaborative effort aimed at empowering vulnerable youth in rural areas. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards a more inclusive and digitally empowered future!