EU-Rudisnet Multiplier Event Empowers Rural Communities: Training Platform Unveiled

In a significant stride towards promoting social inclusion and empowerment, the BETI team recently concluded a highly successful multiplier event for the EU-Rudisnet project. The event, held on August 30th, saw the convergence of nearly 50 participants, including social mentors, representatives from disability advocacy organizations, and project stakeholders.

EU-Rudisnet: A Collaborative Initiative for Rural Inclusion

EU-Rudisnet represents a collaborative endeavor spanning six European countries: Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Turkey, and Lithuania. This ambitious project aims to develop a strategic methodology focused on the social inclusion of people with disabilities residing in rural areas. The cornerstone of this endeavor is the creation and pilot implementation of an innovative training program, concentrating on mentoring techniques, leadership skills, and various soft skills.

The overarching objective of the EU-Rudisnet project is to empower individuals with disabilities in rural regions, enabling them to actively participate in local communities. Moreover, it seeks to facilitate the establishment and leadership of associations and organizations dedicated to championing the rights of disabled individuals in rural areas across the European Union.

EU-Rudisnet’s Game-Changing Training Platform

Central to the multiplier event was the unveiling of EU-Rudisnet’s training platform, accessible at This user-friendly platform has been meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities and offers an array of six comprehensive training courses:

  • How to approach and deal with PWD at rural areas. How to recognise their aptitudes and enhance them
  • Design of services to accompany people with disabilities to autonomy in rural local communities Intimacy
  • Mentoring for PWD – how to accompany PWD in a leadership and civic participation process
  • Necessary skills and competences for leadership: prepare PWD to be leaders of their social inclusion
  • Communication and social skills for PWD: how to reach an effective and empathetic communication
  • Networking for and by people with disabilities for better social inclusion in rural areas

Resounding Success and Ongoing Commitment

The multiplier event proved to be a resounding success, with attendees showing remarkable enthusiasm and providing positive feedback. The project has garnered substantial interest from a diverse range of individuals and organizations, underlining the pressing need to address the challenges faced by people with disabilities in rural areas.

Get Involved!

EU-Rudisnet invites you to explore their training platform at and contribute to the personal development and social inclusion of people with disabilities in rural Europe. Together, we can build more inclusive, supportive, and vibrant rural communities for all. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved in this transformative initiative.