E-Teach Online Workshop Series!

We are thrilled to share the exciting news from May 23! The BETI team, in collaboration with the esteemed University of Social Sciences, hosted the third session of our highly regarded E-Teach series of workshops on digital pedagogy.

During this session, we delved into the captivating topic of “Blended Learning and Classroom Management.” Together with participants from partner countries, we explored the harmonious fusion of traditional teaching methods and digital tools that constitute blended learning. This transformative approach aims to create an interactive and engaging learning experience for students.

Through thought-provoking discussions and demonstrations, we discovered a range of innovative digital tools and strategies that enhance classroom dynamics and foster student participation. The session proved to be an eye-opening experience, illuminating the potential of technology to revolutionize education.

We were truly inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of the participants who embraced this journey into the realm of blended learning. It is through such collective efforts that we continue to elevate the field of digital pedagogy, enabling educators and students alike to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of education.