E-teach Multiplier Event Sparks Discussions on Digital Learning in Kaunas

In a lively and informative event held in Kaunas on December 12th, the E-teach project took center stage. The purpose of this special seminar was to share the exciting results of our project on digital pedagogy with everyone interested.

The event began with a presentation about our project, where we talked about how we’re making learning better using digital tools. We shared what we’ve learned with prospective teachers, current teachers, scholars, politicians, education administrators, teacher candidates, and educational institutions.

After the presentation, we had a great discussion with experts: prof. Chang Zhu, Marta Lucchetti, Yujie Xue, from Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, Anna Bogacz from Spoleczna Akademia Nauk, Vilma Mušankovienė from Kaunas University of Technology, EMTC and Donatas Misiūnas from Vilnius university. We talked about digital pedagogy skills, how teachers can use technology in classrooms, different tools for teaching, and even about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. It was an amazing opportunity to hear from experts and share ideas on how to make education even more exciting and effective.

Sharing experiences and information on this topic is not just about what we’ve done; it’s also about helping others learn and improve. We believe that by talking about digital pedagogy, we’re contributing to future research and progress in education.