Distance education is not a copy-paste of live classes!

The beginning of 2020 transformed the usual teaching methods for vocational education and training to online teaching in just a few weeks. The process that should have required some long-term preparations, including the entire infrastructure, support services and thorough didactic and content preparation, was organized with no such activities due to COVID-19.

Now schools are seeing that practical classes are facing some of the most serious problems – pupils’ motivation, monitoring of activities, distance evaluation ̶ specific issues which demand evaluation of knowledge and skills in the process of practical classes; services, products and procedures of their production are to be evaluated from a distance.

To help teachers and students in vocational education and training with online lessons, we are launching the new project – “DIGIHiQVET – Didactical and digital skills for teachers to provide high quality online practical VET”! In the project DIGIHiQVET we strive to develop, implement and evaluate a free access, innovative and high quality online training for practical classes E-teaching. The training will help the teachers in their professional development as they will be able to use the acquired knowledge, skills and competencies at their work as teachers of practical classes. The aim of DIGIHiQVET project is an empowerment of teachers and mentors of practical classes for the implementation of high-quality educational situations referring to practical contents in the digital environment as a response to COVID-19 and all future challenges which might render live classes impossible.

Today with coordinators from Slovenia and partners from Slovakia, Spain and Cyprus, BETI team participated in the first meeting of the project. All together we discussed the key objectives, challenges and next steps.

Follow our progress and get in touch if you are interested!