DIGIHIQVET partners meeting in Pruske, Slovakia

Working on achieving results!

On April 12th and 13th, BETI team participated in the hybrid meeting for the DigiHiQVET project. The main aim of the project is to create, implement and evaluate free access, innovative and high-quality online training for practical activities.

So, what happened during the meeting? Here is a short review:

  • BETI team presented our module – “Best digital free-access tools for VET”. Greta and Gerda presented the content that we have put in the module as well as organized an interactive workshop for partners to try out 4 tools – Nearpod, Miro, Quizizz, Google Classroom.
  • Partners talked about the professional modules creation progress.
  • Later that day BETI team presented the learning platform, its design, and e-material structure.
  • To help partners to better understand the creation of e-material, BETI organized a workshop on H5P possibilities for developing “E-practical classes”. Each of the partners tried out this tool and created a simple question set.

We worked really hard for two days, but we all know the results will be worth it!

Stay updated!