Digi-peda online meeting

We’re thrilled to start a project aimed at developing digital pedagogy competencies among university students. Our goals are ambitious but impactful:

Developing an innovative modular digital pedagogy curriculum.

Creating a cutting-edge teaching and learning e-platform.

Preparing a scenario-based visual digital pedagogy guide.

By engaging representatives from student associations, clubs, centers, and classes across universities, we aim to improve distance education methods. Together, we’ll explore more effective teaching and learning techniques tailored for the digital landscape.

Our efforts will yield three key research outputs:

1. Innovative modular digital pedagogy curriculum

2. Teaching and learning e-platform

3. Scenario-based visual digital pedagogy guide

These outputs will serve as catalysts, empowering educators and learners alike to thrive in digital environments through refined pedagogical methods and techniques.

Our partnership spans across borders, uniting organizations from Romania, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, and Greece. Together, we’re shaping the future of education and fostering impactful digital education activities!