Cooperation with Kaunas Remand Prison

On the 23rd of May, BETI team visited the Kaunas Remand Prison and presented the ongoing project “CCJ4Career: European Career Counselling Guidelines for Staff Working in Criminal Correctional Justice System”.

BETI team together with workers at Kaunas Remand Prison created a short inspirational video about why this is an amazing career guidance job, how to make people understand that it is more than a job. They spoke briefly about their job, and especially highlighted why it is necessary to improve and why supervisors need training.

This project examines potential career adjustments in the justice system from the results of studies foreseen in the 7 pilot countries from European and international excellence. The distinctive features of this project are the three levels of research (professions, organisations and policies) and the application of a participatory approach that enables interaction and learning. The aggregated results are presented as one profession (prison security staff) and the system as a whole. By explaining some of the problems and challenges facing the criminal correctional justice system, we also demonstrate the purpose and potential of such an insight in researching policy and strategy. This project focuses on the appropriateness of an approach to strategic development, public policy evaluation and, more broadly, a knowledge-building tool. This project is about good prison management in times of change, the main pillars of which are career guidance and innovation.

The video will be available on the project website