BLWithRobotics team update

Our team recently had our final meet-up in Cannakale, Turkey, to discuss the incredible progress and final tasks for our project aimed at reducing mathematics anxiety among primary school students.

One of the key highlights was the in-depth discussion on IO2 – a virtual video library featuring scenario-based learning activities using robotics in mathematics education for primary schools. We evaluated the final steps towards its implementation and effectiveness.

Another major focus was IO3 – the development of an E-Book showcasing the application of robotics in math education through blended learning approaches. Collaboratively, we laid out the necessary steps and tasks for each partner to ensure the success of this innovative endeavor.

During our time in Turkey, we had the privilege to visit Recto’s office and COMU Library, expanding our insights and enriching our project experience.

Huge thanks to our gracious hosts for their exceptional organization and to all partners for their incredible collaboration and dedication.

Curious to see our project’s results? Check them out here: