Amazing business idea presentations during the fourth day

The fourth amazing day of LTTA 2, a free 5-day event for you to network, develop skills and help evaluate resources and supports created to meet your needs as a Female Food Entrepreneur(FFE) is over!

Today we discussed participants’ business ideas. Participants from Poland, Romania, Italy and Lithuania divided into their corresponding country groups and worked hard to create their business idea and logos!

At the end of the training day each presented their business project. Poland had a beautiful plan to create a Cattle Rattle Cafe for milkshakes and other milk products, Italy with Black Sweet for fresh blackberries, jams and more, Romania with their amazing Coffee’s Nest shop and lastly, Lithuania with JOY, a donut bakery, and their fun moto DONUT worry, have some JOY! Thank you to all participants, it was really interesting to hear different ideas, see beautiful logos and business plans.

Tomorrow will be the closing day of the training week. Stay up to date and see you soon!