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About the Project

Recent years have seen a sharp increase in the number of internships available throughout Europe. However a lack of standardisation and regulation has led to large disparity in the quality of internships from company to company and intern to intern. YouthEmploy ensures that the impact and benefits of the internship experience are maximised for both intern and employer by providing a standardised online framework which encourages professional growth for the intern whilst yielding maximum benefit for the employer.

Project Aim

To develop a structured Internship Programme to aid the professionalization of skilled and unemployed young people with the aim of securing employment, whilst reducing the administration and organisational burden on the employer

Project Objectives

-Overcome difficulties that new entrants to the labour market, especially young people, face in competing in the labour market, securing stable employment, commencing career paths, thereby achieving autonomy & full participation in society

-Reduce the administration burden on the employer by providing a pre-designing ‘Learning Agenda’ for the intern and a ‘Feedback Forum’ for the employer to populate

-Encourage the professionalization of the unemployed youth who have the skills and training but lack practical experience

-Validation of the transition from education to employment through structured, supervised interventions facilitating real-time application of learning e.g.  internships

-Forge & strengthen links between VET education and industry by improving the  relevance of education provision



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