About us

Baltic Education Technology Institute (BETI)


BETI was founded in 2003 by an active team of professionals who have been working in the field of ICT and education technologies for more than 15 years. While implementing different activities in higher education and vocational training sectors the rich experience, knowledge and skills were accumulated in the field of ICT enhanced training, distance education methodology, learning technologies, multimedia production, development of web applications, etc.

The team has been actively participating in national and European initiatives, namely, Framework, Eureka, Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Phare, UNESCO and others.

  • To apply scientific, methodological and practical activities to encourage ICT based training and learning in order to balance smooth education, social and economic development
  • To seek for development of democratic, wide-accessed and self-dependant training conditions for all citizens while implementing life long learning paradigm, developing distance learning initiatives, and creating information systems for training, guidance and counseling
  • To support IT based project and process management, in cooperation with organizations and individuals seeking to ensure effectiveness and quality of implemented activities and provided services
IT and students

BETI offers extracurricular training and comprehensive preparation for future studies by inviting pupils (10 to 19 years old) to study professions: robot programming, architecture, graphic and interior design, business management, programming and clothing design technologies or to develop computer literacy in beginners, junior and youth study programs.
In order to provide equal training opportunities for all pupils in regions, Vilnius Computer User's Academy provides with distance learning programs: Young businessman e-school, Traditional painting and computer graphics technologies as well as Web technologies and design.

More information about Vilnius Computer User's Academy can be found in webpage www.smarttech.lt .