BETI Design


A professionally prepared by the company logo or trademark will help you become more easily recognizable to shape the image of advertising activities / products.
The exclusive, original company logo easily recognizable on television, in newspapers, on the streets in the areas of advertising. Brand helps to shape the buyers. They are easy to recognize and meet yourself like a service or product.
Offer a wide range of corporate identity services:
Corporate identity refers to the logo / trademark use standards. Provided instructions (the color scheme, posters, text styles) helping to highlight, to adapt the logo in various environments. Creates a design business cards, headed notepaper and other customer pageidautiems promotional products.
Offer a wide choice of the design work for the press:
  • Leaflets, booklets, brochures,
  • The book cover, layout,
  • Posters,
  • Business, headed notepaper, calendars and more.
Web design an important element of the image formation. Attractive, comfortable, clear and easily providing information website attracts more visitors, potential clients, new business partners. Beti design of the original, high-quality web design.