YOUNG-ICT WOMEN: Innovative Solutions to Increase the Numbers of EU Vulnerable Girls and Young Women into the Digital Agenda

Submitted by admin on Wed, 07/17/2019 - 17:25

Needs Assessment report summarizes findings from desk and field research in seven (7) partner countries (Latvia, Spain, Greece, Malta, Lithuania, Ireland and Romania) aiming to contribute in the provision of innovative solutions to increase the number of young women in the digital economy through mapping the theory, practices and policies that underpin the understanding of young women needs regarding access to technology and digital training as well as labour market needs.

To obtain the necessary information, a literature review and mapping of the current situation in the 7 national settings were performed. More analytically, research on documentation reviews of relevant studies, projects and initiatives as well as National reports on skills sets in demand, when available, were collected and studied. Then, field research to identify needs from all agents involved (employers, stakeholders, women’s representatives) was conducted in the 7 partner countries. Data collection methods included: face to face or telephone interviews, online or email questionnaires, focus groups, and discussions with national forum participants.

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